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[Carbon Capture & Storage] CPC Presents R&D Achievement in Carbon Capture and Storage

Posted by gustav 
[Carbon Capture & Storage] CPC Presents R&D Achievement in Carbon Capture and Storage (Chinese Version)

CPC Newsletter (2010/08/24) In order to find more efficient solutions to greenhouse gas emissions, the CPC Corporation, Taiwan, began to investigate the technology of Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) for a long time, and, according to its evaluation, Taiwan is highly potential in developing geo-sequestration technology, indicated CPC on August 24. The company planned to inaugurate its pacesetting program (a program in the scale of fifty thousand tons to one hundred thousand tons) in Q4, 2010, by which the probability, economic efficiency, safety and effectiveness of CCS technology in Taiwan will be elaborately estimated so that a solid base for the long-term commercial development of CO2 geo-sequestration could be founded.

With its developed techniques and experiences, CPC Exploration & Development Research Institute had spent effort on Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) in recent years. “Capture” means to separate and condense CO2 from the combustion of the fossil fuel at the large point sources such as large fossil fuel or biomass energy facilities, industries with major CO2 emissions (steel plants, petrochemical plants), etc., and then to convey the scrubbed CO2 into the underground for storage. “Storage” means to pressurize and permanently seal the separated CO2 in the closed earth layers in the depth from one to two thousand meters under the ground.

CPC indicates, in the following decades fossil energy will remain its position as the major energy source, so developing the methods to capture and store CO 2 has become a hot topic in global carbon management market. Hence, CPC will invite some international CCS service companies which have real geo-sequestration practices, to assist in the pacesetting program. Beside of the site selection, the determination of the injection well and monitoring well locations, equipment design, monitoring plans, risk and benefit analyses, etc., CPC also hopes that, with the execution of the program and the assistance from the international partners, the popular education and promotion on CCS would get rooted in Taiwan as well. The initial program will begin in Q4 this year, and CPC promises to continue the development of CCS, dedicating the efforts on carbon reduction and expressing CPC's resolution engaging in the global citizenship.

Media Contact:
Department of Industrial Relations, CPC Corporation, Taiwan
No.3, Songren Rd., Sinyi District, Taipei City 110, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

CPC Newsletter 2010/08/25 (Chinese)

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