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[Information] IPv4 IP Addresses about to Be Used Up, Taiwan Educational Network Enters Ipv4/IPv6 Dual-Stack Era

Posted by gustav 
[Information] IPv4 IP Addresses about to Be Used Up, Taiwan Educational Network Enters Ipv4/IPv6 Dual-Stack Era (Chinese Version)

Udn.com (2010/05/10) & National Education Radio (2010/05/09) Number Resource Organization, NRO, has recently announced that the IPv4 IP addresses will be used up by 2012. Taiwan's Ministry of Education thus spent effort promoting Ipv4/IPv6 Dual-Stack environment in order to face the challenge.

The present IPv4 IP address agreement, designed thirty years ago in the US, uses the combinations of four sets of three decimal digits to create IP address. It was speculated in that agreement that two to the thirty-second power, namely, about 4.3 billion possible IP addresses should be enough. However, since 1990 when a lot of the private enterprises began to construct their own sites, the addresses have been rapidly taken up. Now, according to the NRO report, only 7% of the IP addresses are still available. Because the traditional IP addresses are not enough, a lot of virtual IP's are distributed. But virtual IP's are not stable and hence not convenient. If IPv6 agreement is taken, namely, the combinations become of eight sets of four hexadecimal digits, two to the 128th power addresses are to be created, and each person should be distributed his or her own IP address. With a personal fixed IP address, we would have a literal fixed online address to distribute or receive information. For instance, the server of our own blog can then be set on our smart phones.

Ministry of Education said, most of the online interactive platforms for the junior high schools or elementary schools have been upgraded to the Ipv6/IPv4 dual environment. More convenient e-Services based upon such an upgrade are expected.

Udn.com 2010/05/10 (Chinese)
National Education Radio 2010/05/09 (Chinese)

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