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[Info-tech] Ministry of the Interior to Build “Taiwan Population Databank” in March

Posted by gustav 
[Info-tech] Ministry of the Interior to Build “Taiwan Population Databank” in March (Chinese Version)

Now News (2010/03/15) Population Policy Council of the Ministry of the Interior held a meeting on March 15, after which Minister Yi-Huah JIANG announced that a population databank will be built attached to the website of the Ministry of the Interior. With the databank, people or researchers will be able to access the information about Taiwan population conveniently; on the other side, the databank will offer significant bases for the population policy formation.

Yi-Huah JIANG said, the government kept rich population data, but they are not yet integrated and scattered in several governmental departments. It's not easy then for the people to access the information. To satisfy the need, a population databank was determined to be constructed in March 2010 and hopefully completed by the end of December.

The population databank will reveal complete records of the monthly, quarterly and annual demographic tables in the past years, even reaching toward the Japan-governed period. Besides, the databank will also present the related online materials such as regulations, policy white papers, periodical publications and dissertations.

Taiwan Population Databank was intended to offer bases for policy formation and academic research. Minister JIANG believed the project must be very helpful to the long-term policy creation.

Related website: http://www.ris.gov.tw

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