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[Environmental] Climate Documentary 《±2°C》 Premieres, Warning that No. 6 Naphtha Cracking May Sink

Posted by gustav 
[Environmental] Climate Documentary 《±2°C》 Premieres, Warning that No. 6 Naphtha Cracking May Sink (Chinese Version)

The Liberty Times (2010/02/23) & China Times E-paper (2010/02/22) The climate documentary 《±2°C》 produced by the well-known media figure Sisy CHEN premiered on February 22 evening. Political and business dignitaries attended the premiere. The heads of the five Yuans all showed up in the ceremony, expressing the government's serious attention to the climate change issue.

Sisy CHEN explained, the title 《±2°C》 came from the conclusion of “Copenhagen Climate Conference 2009” that the key measure to the survival of human species in the future is to limit the range of temperature change in ±2℃. Besides, the documentary approached the issue from Taiwan's local perspective. Many major enterprises together offered financial support, while the famous illustrator Jimmy volunteered the works and the writer Hsun CHIANG (蔣勳) his voice-over.

Scientist through the event warned that Taiwan may face the catastrophe from climate change ahead of the other countries or areas. If the global temperature rises more than 2℃, Dongshih Port in Chiayi, Linbian in Pingtung, the location of the largest petrochemical industry area Mailiao in Yunlin etc. will be swallowed in the ocean. Repeating the Research Fellow of Institute of Earth Science, Academia Sinica, Chung-Ho WANG, Taiwan is no outsider of the forthcoming climate catastrophe!

All the local governments will play the documentary film, and the major television companies including Chunghwa Telecom's MOD will broadcast the documentary, too. Besides, people can free-download the film at the official site of《±2℃》( http://正負2度c.tw ).

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