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[Sci-Tech Policy] Taiwan Governmental Reorganization; Several Sci-Tech Organizations Will Be Merged

Posted by gustav 
[Sci-Tech Policy] Taiwan Governmental Reorganization; Several Sci-Tech Organizations Will Be Merged (Chinese Version)

China Times E-paper, World Journal & CNA News (2010/01/13) On the last day of this session, the Legislative Yuan has passed the governmental reorganization acts, according to which the present “eight ministries and two commissions” will become history. After Janury 1, 2012, the central government of Taiwan will consists of fourteen ministries, eight councils and three independent organizations.

The present Organic Act of the Executive Yuan has remained effective since 1949 without any systematic change. In order to meet the present situation, since 2008 a reorganization committee has been formed. Obliged to the effort by the former director of the Research, Development and Evaluation Commission and the present Minister of the Interior, Yi-Huah JIANG, the reorganization acts have successfully been through the third reading in the Legislative Yuan on January 12. In the future, the present Executive Yuan with eight ministries, seventeen commissions/councils, three departments, two administration offices, and four independent organizations, will be reduced to fourteen ministries, three independent organizations, one bank (Central Bank), one museum (National Palace Museum), and two directorate-generals.

Several sci-tech related organizations will be merged or changed. The Ministry of Transportation and Communications will become the “Ministry of Transportation and Communications Development,” the Ministry of Economic Affairs the “Ministry of Economy and Energy”; the Research, Development and Evaluation Commission will be merged with Council for Economic Planning and Development, becoming “National Development Council”; Atomic Energy Council will be merged with National Science Council, becoming the “Ministry of Science and Technology.” Besides, in order to execute the oceanic affairs, it is determined that there will be an “Ocean Council.” The Environmental Protection Administration will become the “Ministry of Environment and Resources” to integrate the resources and unite the affairs of mountains, forests, water, land, weather and national parks. (Titles of the reorganized departments are temporarily translations.)

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