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[Academics] Nobel Laureate Ei-ichi NEGISHI Visits NCKU

Posted by techman 
[Academics] Nobel Laureate Ei-ichi NEGISHI Visits NCKU

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[Academics] Nobel Laureate Ei-ichi NEGISHI Visits NCKU (Chinese Version)

NCKU News (2012/11/30) Nobel laureate Ei-ichi NEGISHI visited National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), southern Taiwan, Nov. 30. He was greeted in President’s Office by NCKU president Hwung-Hweng HWUNG.

Ei-ichi NEGISHI, a Purdue University chemist, who visited NCKU for the first time was very impressed by the strong strength of NCKU in academic research when President HWUNG told him that NCKU has respectively ranked the 14th and the 26th in its engineering and materials science fields worldwide.

When asked about what can young scientists do to win a Nobel price, Dr. NEGISHI responded,” the most important thing is that you like what you want to do for decades and be excellent in the field you choose.”

As one of the Herbert C. Brown Distinguished Professor of Organic Chemistry, Dr. NEGISHI acclaimed that the most critical period for his scientific discovery is the time he spent in the H. C. Brown Laboratory of Chemistry since 1979.”

Dr. NEGISHI discovered catalytic reactions using a number of transition metals that allow various organic compounds to be synthesized widely, efficiently and selectively for use in fields ranging from medicine to materials development.

He received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in December 2010 for developing metal-based reactions called palladium-catalyzed cross-coupling, that allow for easy and efficient synthesis of complex organic compounds.

NEGISHI shared his opinion of winning a Nobel, “the chance of winning a Nobel was one in 10 million,” and he encouraged the young scientists to stick with what you like to do for a long period of time and go through all the steps you needed to excel academically.

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