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[Environmental] Central Geological Survey: Serious Coastal Retreat Happening in Four Areas

Posted by gustav 
[Environmental] Central Geological Survey: Serious Coastal Retreat Happening in Four Areas (Chinese Version)

Central Geological Survey Newsletter (2009/11/20) The project “Dynamic System for Monitoring the Geological Environments and Resources by Utilizing ROCSAT-2 (FORMOSAT-2) Images,” conducted by Central Geological Survey, Ministry of Economic Affairs, investigating Taiwan's coastal changes during the four years between 2005 and 2008,outputs the findings that four parts of Taiwan coastline have come up with serious coastal shrink: the south part to Lanyang River in Ilan; the part between Danshuei River mouth, Taipei, and Guanyin, Taoyuan; Jincheng Lake Birdwatching Zone in Hsinchu; and the part from Houlong River mouth, Miaoli, to Daan River mouth, Taichung.

By observing the post-status to four major typhoons making inroads on Taiwan this year, it is concluded that (1) within the scope of typhoon's influence, waves and the inundation by sea cause coast erosion; (2) outside of the scope of typhoon's influence, currents along the coastline bring about the depositions at seashores; (3) the southwesterly flow induced by typhoon causes heavy rains whose induction of mudslide enhances the depositions in the lower areas in the coast.

Now News (2009/11/22) reports, the major causes to the coastal shrink are supposed to be the construction of reservoirs in the upper stream area and the illegal quarry of sandstone, for these two have reduced the volume of sandstone that is supposed to silt up in the river mouths. Now the speed of coast erosion in the serious areas has reached 1.77 to 2.86 meters per year, added is also rise of sea level induced by the global warming; these four areas may be the most likely places which will be first swallowed by seawater.

Central Geological Survey Newsletter 2009/11/20 (Chinese)
Now News 2009/11/22 (Chinese)

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