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[Agriculture] Energy-saving Farming Project to Reduce Land Subsidence

Posted by techman 
[Agriculture] Energy-saving Farming Project to Reduce Land Subsidence (Chinese Version)

CNA - Focus Taiwan (2012/10/08) The Cabinet announced on October 8 an eight-year project to build a "golden agricultural corridor" in areas suffering from land subsidence in central Taiwan to help improve profits for farmers.

The NT$3.3 billion (US$113 million) plan, to be implemented between 2013 and 2020, will cover 13,318 hectares of land along the Taiwan High Speed Railway in Changhua and Yunlin counties, Cabinet officials said at a news conference. Some 8,766 hectares are currently farmland.

The original idea was to solve the problem of land subsidence in the region, with the ultimate goal of increasing farming revenues, said Cabinet Secretary-General Steven CHEN.

The Council of Agriculture aims to make farming there more water-conservative and energy-saving, with the various projected measures estimated to save 24 million tons of underground water a year. Overpumping of underground water is largely to blame for the land subsidence in the region.

The project also includes the provision of "agricultural cloud computing" services for farmers, as well as the development of recreational farms, the officials said.

The government will provide farmers with production and marketing information through smartphones, build five high-intensity cultivation plants operating on solar energy, as well as 37 water-saving cattle sheds, and will train 1,650 "new-generation farmers" who can take advantage of the new technology.

By stabilizing harvests, the production value of the region is expected to more than double in eight years, said Agriculture Minister Bao-ji CHEN.

CNA - Focus Taiwan 2012/10/08

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