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[Information] DOH Plans to Put Personal Health Information in Cloud

Posted by techman 
[Information] DOH Plans to Put Personal Health Information in Cloud (Chinese Version)

CNA – Focus Taiwan (2012/09/17) The Department of Health (DOH) intends to build a health platform by storing individuals' personal health information and medical records in a cloud.

The new platform will facilitate the management of personal digital medical records, cut waste resulting from overlapping medical treatment, and promote public health, health and technology officials told participants at a seminar on September 17.

In the future, anyone who registers a personal account will be able to access the platform to store, manage, and share personal health information.

Health Minister Wen-ta CHIU said Taiwan has developed digital medical records for more than 20 years, and the next task will be to promote personal health records.

More than half of medical institutions already participate in a system in which they exchange medical records.

Minister Without Portfolio Simon CHANG, a former Google executive, said that if personal health information can be stored in the cloud, it will contribute to personal health and medical treatment. He acknowledged, however, that information privacy and security remain serious public concerns.

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