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[Medicine] New Taipei Touts First Hemophilia Center

Posted by techman 
[Medicine] New Taipei Touts First Hemophilia Center

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[Medicine] New Taipei Touts First Hemophilia Center (Chinese Version)

CNA – Focus Taiwan & udn.com (2012/08/01) Hemophilia patients in New Taipei now have access to better care since the city's first hemophilia center was opened earlier this year, Taipei Medical University-Shuang Ho Hospital said August 1.

The center provides consultation services and medical care for hemophiliacs in New Taipei as well as in Taipei, said Tsu-yi CHAO, Chief of the hospital's Department of Hematology Oncology.

Although the center was established earlier this year, the hospital did not publicize the opening because it was "trying to smooth out the operation," CHAO said at a press conference.

Before the center was set up, hemophiliacs in New Taipei had to go to hospitals in Taipei City for treatment, CHAO said.

"Traveling is especially inconvenient for injured hemophilia patients," he said, adding that they require injections of blood clotting agents immediately to help stop the bleeding after an injury.

The hospital also introduced a new generation of coagulation factor VIII. The new generation is obtained via genetic recombination and nanofiltration, and it carried with lower risk of infection than the earlier generation whose production was exposed to higher infection rate from viruses in human or rat bodies.

There are about 1,300 hemophiliacs in Taiwan, 600 of whom live in the Greater Taipei area, according to statistics from the hospital.

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