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[Academics][Sci-tech policy] President Stresses Value of Fundamental Research

Posted by techman 
[Academics][Sci-tech policy] President Stresses Value of Fundamental Research (Chinese Version)

Taiwan Today (2012/07/03) Basic research is of great importance to both the public and private sectors in Taiwan and the basis of the nation’s long-term growth and development, R.O.C. President Ying-jeou MA said July 2.

The president made the remarks at the opening ceremony of Taipei-based Academia Sinica’s biennial Convocation of Academicians. Academia Sinica is Taiwan’s highest research institute.

“The Ministry of Economic Affairs has proposed 10 research plans to support the development of Taiwan’s fundamental science,” MA said.

“The Ministry of Education, Board of Science and Technology, and National Science Council are also cooperating to subsidize over the next three years more than 100 doctorate and postdoctorate researchers to study in high technology fields at prestigious universities abroad in hopes of encouraging more Taiwan students to study overseas,” he continued.

“C. C. LEUNG, the co-founder and vice chairman of Quanta Computer Inc., has also donated NT$570 million (US$19 million) to National Taiwan University to assist in developing Physics of the Universe.”

MA pointed out that “people in today’s society are faced with challenges ranging from financial and economic difficulties to climate change. The recent euro debt crisis has led to global economic turmoil, and the impact on Taiwan—with more than 70 percent of its gross domestic product relying on exports—should not be underestimated; therefore, cross-field studies are of urgent need to build up energies to tackle the issues.”

The president added that although the value of basic research may not be immediately apparent, it is indispensable for truly understanding a subject and the only way to achieve fundamental breakthroughs.

MA said Taiwan was ranked 13 out of 146 countries and territories worldwide, topping all Asian economies, in the latest Knowledge Economy Index released by the World Bank in June.

“The government will up efforts to strive for more technology budgets and seek ways to continue development in the sector to maintain Taiwan’s competitive advantage.”

Taiwan Today 2012/07/03

National Science Council International Cooperation Sci-Tech Newsbrief

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