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[Optics] National Central University Developed New Three-in-one Optical Profiler

Posted by techman 
[Optics] National Central University Developed New Three-in-one Optical Profiler (Chinese Version)

CNA – Focus Taiwan (2012/07/03) A newly developed multifunctional thin film optical profiler for electronic devices can help companies save millions of Taiwan dollars per year once it is commercialized, the Taiwanese research team leader said Tuesday.

Cheng-chung LEE, Dean of National Central University's College of Science, said the three-in-one thin film optical profiler was made public in 2011 and his team is now seeking partnerships with domestic and foreign companies to bring it to market.

The research team is applying for patents in Taiwan, United States and Japan, LEE said.

The new profiler is capable of detecting optical film thickness, reflective index, and surface profile in consumer electronics, while existing devices are equipped with only one or two functions, LEE said.

In addition, the optical film profiler can be used before or after film coating, and unlike older models, can be operated in an environment exposed to vibrations such as from people walking around the office, he said.

LEE said cameras, video recorders and even satellites contain optical components that use thin film, which needs to be measured and monitored to ensure the products' quality.

Companies usually spend millions of dollars to purchase a range of equipment for the profiling process, which is not only uneconomical but also time consuming, he said.

The research was published in the international scientific journal Optics Letter on August 15 last year and the device was showcased at the Photonics Festival in Taipei last month.

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