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[LED] Taiwan to Install More LED Streetlamps

Posted by techman 
[LED] Taiwan to Install More LED Streetlamps

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[LED] Taiwan to Install More LED Streetlamps (Chinese Version)

CNA – Focus Taiwan (2012/06/26) The government plans to replace 40 percent of the country's existing mercury vapor streetlamps with LED ones as part of efforts to save energy and reduce carbon emissions, the Ministry of Economic Affairs said Tuesday.

The ministry will replace 326,000 old streetlamps with LED lamps in the five municipalities and in 17 counties and cities around Taiwan, a move that is expected to benefit the country's LED industry, said Jerry OU, director-general of the ministry's Bureau of Energy.

The ministry will finish accepting tenders by the end of the year, with the installation process expected to be completed in mid-2013, he added.

There are over 1.5 million traditional streetlamps in Taiwan. Mercury vapor and high-pressure sodium lamps, which comprise the bulk of the overall total, account for 52 percent and 35 percent, respectively, according to government statistics.

Once all of the 326,000 mercury vapor streetlamps have been replaced with LEDs, it will create savings of 143 million kilowatts per hour, or some NT$358 million (US$11.93 million) in electricity fees, every year, according to the bureau.

The ministry expects that its three-year budget of NT$2.77 billion for the replacement job will generate NT$4.48 billion in business.

LED streetlamps have higher power efficiency, longer life and lower failure rate than traditional mercury vapor streetlamps, which can help save maintenance costs. However, the current prices of LED lamps are also three to five times those of mercury vapor lamps, the bureau said.

Prices of LED streetlamps will gradually drop, though, as improvements in manufacturing technology are made, and the government will undertake more projects to promote this type of streetlamp in the future, the bureau added.

CNA – Focus Taiwan 2012/06/26

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