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[Cross-strait][Ecology] Taiwan, China to Cooperate on Wetlands Conservation

Posted by techman 
[Cross-strait][Ecology] Taiwan, China to Cooperate on Wetlands Conservation (Chinese Version)

CNA – Focus Taiwam (2012/05/09) A national park in southern Taiwan is set to sign a cooperation agreement with a nature reserve in China, which will mark the first time that the two sides have worked together on conserving internationally recognized wetlands, said a park official.

Teng-yuan LEU, director of the Taijiang National Park Headquarters in Tainan, confirmed May 9 that he and a delegation are scheduled to depart for Shanghai on May 15 to sign the agreement with the city's Chongming Dongtan Birds National Nature Reserve the following day.

The cooperation agreement will focus on the study of bird banding on migratory birds, strengthening wetlands conservation and restoration projects, as well as building an information exchange platform.

Taijiang's famed Qigu and Sicao wetlands are among Taiwan's most important migration sites of the endangered black-faced spoonbills, while the Dongtan Wetlands have been recognized by the secretariat of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands as one of the most important wetlands worldwide.

The Ramsar Convention aims to conserve wetlands and their resources around the world.

CNA – Focus Taiwan 2012/05/09

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