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[Sci-tech Policy] National Lab Center Aims to Boost Taiwan's Innovative Research Power

Posted by techman 
[Sci-tech Policy] National Lab Center Aims to Boost Taiwan's Innovative Research Power (Chinese Version)

CNA – Focus Taiwan (2012/05/08) Taiwan's National Applied Research Laboratories said Tuesday it will play a key role in the country's transition to an innovative economy due to its cutting-edge research credentials.

Liang-gee CHEN, President of the state-run laboratories who took office on May 1, said that Taiwan has been good at creating low-cost and high-performance products based on its production efficiency.

With the rapid progress of information technologies, however, Taiwan needs to transform itself into an "innovative economy" to catch up with the global changes, he said.

"I say to my students that I am like a farmer who grows and places value on things on a technology farm, such as the research I did in the past on integrated circuit design," CHEN said at a media briefing.

"To some extent, our institute plays the role of being a technology farm," added CHEN, who is also an electrical engineering professor at National Taiwan University.

CHEN expected his institute would be able to compete against research teams in other countries in the field of cutting-edge technologies, as well as create technologies that would benefit Taiwan's society and domestic companies.

Established in 2003, the laboratories are made up of 11 research centers covering nano devices, earthquake engineering, aerospace design, high-performance computing, chip implementation, instruments, technology policies, disaster reduction measures, and ocean, typhoon and flood projects.

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CNA – Focus Taiwan

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