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[Ecology] Center for Guanwu Salamander Information to Be Opened Soon

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[Ecology] Center for Guanwu Salamander Information to Be Opened Soon (Chinese Version)

CNA – Focus Taiwan (2012/03/21) An educational center dedicated to information on the endangered Guanwu salamanders will be opened to the public at Shei-Pa National Park in April and a newly reconstructed habitat for the lizard-like amphibians will be opened sometime later, the park said March 21.

The center, built in 2010 at the Guanwu area in the northwest of the park, will provide visitors with information such as the behavior, diet, description and habitat of the endangered species and the efforts to protect it, the park said.

Park authorities sought to recreate a habitat for the Guanwu salamanders near the center after the original habit was destroyed by human activity and frequent landslides.

They used an "ecological restoration" method seldom seen in Taiwan, which involved finding a nearby location that resembled the natural habitat and recreating it by simulating the original conditions.

Authorities said the newly created habitat was recognized by the Society for Ecological Restoration International in 2011 -- a rare achievement in Taiwan's conservation efforts.

Since the new habitat was built, six new Guanwu salamanders have been found, according to park authorities.

The number of Guanwu salamanders in Taiwan hovers around 200. Most of them are found in the Guanwu area and on Lalashan in Taoyuan County, at an altitude of between 1,300 and 1,720 meters, according to the Council of Agriculture(COA).

Guanwu salamanders, which have been in existence for about 180 million years, are highly sensitive to changes in their habitat and therefore could serve as indicators of climate and environmental changes, according to park authorities.

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