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[Digital Reading] 'Green Reading' at Heart of 2012 Taipei Book Fair

Posted by techman 
[Digital Reading] 'Green Reading' at Heart of 2012 Taipei Book Fair (Chinese Version)

CNA - Focus Taiwan (2012/01/27) The 2012 Taipei International Book Exhibition, one of Asia's major book fairs, will feature the evolution of reading styles and "green lives" as major topics during the February 1-6 show, with an array of workshops and seminars, according to the organizers.

The "green lives" section of the exhibition, at the Taipei World Trade Center, will showcase trends in digital reading through the use of technology such as e-readers and cloud-computing devices that allow "green" storage of knowledge and literature, said the Taipei Book Foundation.

Gunter PAULI, founder of the Zero Emissions Research and Initiatives (ZERI) Foundation, will give an address at the fair to promote new concepts in sustainable development of society and natural ecology.

This year's fair will also bring together authors from countries around the world who will present their concerns and practices about "green life," the foundation said.

The six-day event will include a variety of seminars on topics such as international publishing, digital reading and the development of digital content applications to improve exchanges in the global publishing sector.

This year's fair has seen over 400 registrations by publishers from 60 countries around the world. It attracted a record number of 590,000 visitors last year.

CNA - Focus Taiwan 2012/01/27

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