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[BioMedicine] CDC Develops A Reagent to Screen for 'EV71' Virus

Posted by techman 
[BioMedicine] CDC Develops A Reagent to Screen for 'EV71' Virus

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[BioMedicine] CDC Develops A Reagent to Screen for 'EV71' Virus (Chinese Version)

The China Post (2012/01/19) The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has developed a new enterovirus 71 (EV71) screening reagent that can detect the virus from a drop of blood in 30 minutes, health officials said January 18.

The new test is far more efficient than traditional screening methods because the blood sample does not have to be sent to an outside laboratory to get a result, said Ho-sheng WU, Director of the CDC's Research and Diagnostic Center.

Traditional screening methods require at least 3 5 c.c. of blood and can take 1-2 weeks, as the blood serum needs to be separated and tested by machines, WU explained.

The new screening reagent works along the same principle as a pregnancy test kit. If a line appears 30 minutes after a drop of blood is dipped onto the test plate, it indicates the person is enterovirus positive, WU said.

Though it may be quick, the test is still only 70 percent accurate and cannot be done until a person has had a fever for 2-3 days, WU said.

The China Post 2012/01/19

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