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[Creativity] ITRI and III Win EU's Galileo Awards

Posted by techman 
[Creativity] ITRI and III Win EU's Galileo Awards

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[Creativity] ITRI and III Win EU's Galileo Awards (Chinese Version)

CNA & RTI (2011/11/18) Taiwan's ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute) and III (Institute for Information Industry) win out at the ESNC (European Satellite Navigation Competition) 2011 respectively for ITRI's “Geo-coupon,” a design of the combination of electric coupon and the Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), and for III's “Device-based Distributed Taxi-Dispatching” and “Dual-radio Signal-aware Dilemma Avoidance System,” announced on November 18. Worth mentioning is that III's “Device-based Distributed Taxi-Dispatching” wins the regional champion in Taiwan and the “Dual-radio Signal-aware Dilemma Avoidance System” wins the global runner-up in the category of innovation implementation.

ESNC is a competition originated by EU; it focuses on encouraging the creative applications of the satellite navigation systems. 23 countries around the world are involved this year and each of them hosts a regional preliminary contest. Taiwan is one of the host countries, and ITRI is in charge of the competition affairs. Also worth mentioning, ITRI's suggestion to host a competition which concerns both creative conception as well as implementation, entitled “connected vehicle,” has been accepted by the competition assembly and well responded by the global participants. The innovations from Taiwan's III and the German Aerospace Center have respectively won the regional Galileo champion in Taiwan and the innovation implementation champion.

ITRI's team wins the GNSS Living Lab Prize for its “Geo-coupon.” The location-based electric coupon allows users to download the coupon and position the location of the store at one time.

On the other side, the regional champion in Taiwan, III's “Device-based Distributed Taxi-Dispatching” is based on the concept to combine the intelligent bus stops, vending machine “Kiosk” and dedicated short-range communications (DSRC) technology to offer an intelligent transportation service.

The global runner-up in innovation implementation, III's “Dual-radio Signal-aware Dilemma Avoidance System,” is the globally first communications and alert system that combines DSRC and cellular phone communications systems. The system informs the driver of the forthcoming traffic signals in advance and suggests appropriate speed according to the specific driving situation.

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