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[Space Technology] NSC Approves NSPO's Accomplishment

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[Space Technology] NSC Approves NSPO's Accomplishment

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[Space Technology] NSC Approves NSPO's Accomplishment (Chinese Version)

CNA (2011/11/11) To celebrate National Space Organization (NSPO)'s twentieth anniversary, a celebration ceremony was held in Hsinchu Science Park on November 11. National Science Council (NSC) Minister Lou-chuang LEE attended the ceremony and delivered an address.

LEE pointed out that the accomplishment of Taiwan's twenty-year space development, including the executions of the programs of Formosat (Formosa Satellite) No.1, Formosat No.2 and Formosat No.3, as well as the talent cultivation in space sci-tech, was highly recognizable. He also praised the organization for realizing the nation's policy to establish self-reliant satellite technology.

After the ceremony, LEE was accompanied by President of National Applied Research Laboratories Wen-Hwa CHEN to see the core equipment at NSPO and the achievement exhibition. LEE said he was impressed by the program of Formosat No.5, an on-gong self-reliant satellite program.

NSPO said, Formosat No.5 was the first domestically-made optical remote sensing satellite. Formosat No.5, continuing the task of Formosat No.2, was planned to offer remotely sensed images and data for the reference of Taiwan's homeland plan, environment monitoring and disaster assessment.

Besides, Formosat No.7, a collaboration between Taiwan and the U.S., was a weather satellite that continued and extended the tasks of Formosat No.3. Formosat No.7 was planned to offer the local as well as global weather information, elevating the accuracy of weather forecast.

NSPO said, the organization's following aims were to develop its own core technology, pass down the core competence and form a high quality team. The organization wished to advance Taiwan's space sci-tech competitiveness and create significant contributions to the global space sci-tech development.

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CNA 2011/11/11 (Chinese)

National Science Council International Cooperation Sci-Tech Newsbrief

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