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[Creativity] ITRI Wins R&D 100 Awards for Its Novel E-paper and Polarizer Protective Film

Posted by techman 
[Creativity] ITRI Wins R&D 100 Awards for Its Novel E-paper and Polarizer Protective Film (Chinese Version)

China Times E-paper, udn.com (2011/10/15) & Taiwan Today (2011/10/13) The Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) will receive two Top 100 awards from U.S.-based R&D Magazine at an award ceremony to be held in Orlando, Florida, for its two new inventions: “i2R e-paper,” a rewritable electronic material developed by the organization’s Display Technology Center, and “HyTAC,” a new type of polarizer protective film released by ITRI’s Material and Chemical Research Laboratories. These two awards make ITRI the continuous winner during the past four years.

ITRI points out, i2R e-paper contains cholesteric liquid crystal molecules in between its layered structure, so that i2R can generate texts and images using thermal writing. It has high resolution, and it has “memory” so that the texts and images generated could remain and could be erased. Besides, it does not consume electricity. Thus it will have wide and green applications including digital books and paintings, electric billboards, electric wallpaper, etc.

HyTAC, on the other hand, has good optical birefringent properties for liquid crystal display production. Unlike in the manufacturing process of traditional polarizers, no poisonous residues are left behind when making HyTAC.

This year is the fourth time ITRI winning the R&D 100 Awards since four years ago. The judge Tim STUDT, who has been the judge for the awards for many years, was already impressed by the name of the organization. He said that Taiwan's winning products this year are not only creative and eco-friendly but also have great commercial potentiality. These together make them the winning products among this year's thousands of competitors.

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