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[International Cooperation] Hsinchu Plans “Indian village” to Boost Software Investment

Posted by techman 
[International Cooperation] Hsinchu Plans “Indian village” to Boost Software Investment (Chinese Version)

Want China Times (2011/10/13) Taiwan's government on Wednesday announced a plan to build an "Indian village" in the northern county of Hsinchu for Indian software companies as part of its efforts to bring foreign investment to Taiwan.

The proposed village will be built near the Kuang-fu Campus of National Chiao Tung University — a prestigious academy reputed for its IT research.

The village will boast accommodation and entertainment facilities, supermarkets and restaurants to cater to Indian religious beliefs and eating habits. Chiao Tung University and National Tsing Hua University nearby can also provide a place for Indian workers who are interested in learning Chinese.

The village is slated to be built in Hsinchu since it has long been Taiwan's IT hub. Council for Economic Planning and Development chief Christina LIU hopes that the village can combine Taiwan's strength in IT hardware and India's strength in software development. The details of the plans will be announced next week.

In addition to the IT industry, Indian companies have also expressed interest in other sectors such as renewable energy, electric cars, biotechnology and movies.

India's massive Bollywood movie industry has taken note Taiwan's thriving cultural and digital content industry and hope to tap into markets in the Greater China region especially mainland China through cooperation with Taiwan's movie industry.

Electric vehicles makers in India also hope to work with Taiwanese manufacturers who produce batteries for electric cars. They intend not only to invest in Taiwan but also hope Taiwanese companies will also invest in India.

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