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[Information] Google Data Center to Settle at Changpin Industrial Park

Posted by techman 
[Information] Google Data Center to Settle at Changpin Industrial Park (Chinese Version)

China Times E-paper (2011/09/29) The U.S. internet technology giant Google announced on September 28 that the company will invest one hundred million U.S. dollars in establishing a data center in Changpin Industrial Park, Changhua County, and that the company had purchased the land for the center, which will begin to inaugurate in one to two years. According to Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Google is the first foreign internet technology company that plans to set up data center in Taiwan, while the bureau is inviting Facebook and Yahoo to invest in Taiwan as well.

The bureau stressed, one of the major goals of our economic policies is to invite the foreign companies to set up their Asian-Pacific headquarters and make Taiwan their information, operation and management center in the Asia-Pacific area. Previously the foreign companies often chose Hong Kong and Singapore to set up their operation centers; Google's investment in Taiwan is thus regarded as a significant indication.

According to China Times, the negotiation between Google and the bureau took about three years. The bureau said, the set-up of Google's data center will benefit Taiwan by introducing top information talents in Taiwan and combining the local information-communication industries in Taiwan, making Taiwan a major service center of cloud industry in the globe.

Since the number of the internet users in Asia increases immensely, to establish data center in Asia becomes a trendy task in the industry of the cloud computing service. Following the trend, Google selected Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore at the same time to set up data centers, aiming to form a support network in Asia.

Now Google has 15 offices and more than one thousand employees in the Asia-Pacific area. The data center in Taiwan will offer five to twenty full-time positions, as well as some amount of part-time employees and full-time appointed staff. The talents in need include computer technicians, electric and mechanic engineers, catering personnel and security.

The bureau also pointed out that Google would select Taiwan to be the site for data center for Taiwan's globally top information-communication hardware industries and its possession of the optical cables directly connecting Europe, America and Asia.

China Times E-paper 2011/09/29 (Chinese)

National Science Council International Cooperation Sci-Tech Newsbrief

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