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[BioTech] NCKU-developed Grouper Rearing System Wins Taipei Biotech Award

Posted by techman 
[BioTech] NCKU-developed Grouper Rearing System Wins Taipei Biotech Award (Chinese Version)

NCKU Realtime News (2011/09/14) A National Cheng Kung University research center has won a 2011 Taipei Biotech Award for developing a grouper fingerling production system that is seen as a “total solution to sustainable grouper aquaculture.”

Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center at NCKU was honored with the Industry-University Collaboration Award of 2011 Taipei Biotech Award, the Oscar in the biotechnology industry in Taiwan, for collaborating with Merit Ocean Biotech Inc. on grouper fingerling.

Huey-Lang YANG, a professor from the NCKU Institute of Biotechnology and the former director of NCKU Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center, has led a research team and spent 8 years developing a total solution for sustainable grouper aquaculture -- a virus free and disease resistant fingerling production system.

In addition to the 100% reproducible production, the team’s High Pathogen Resistant Grouper Fingerling Rearing System can produce 2,000 grouper fingerlings per ton of water, which is 100 times over the current density of traditional earth pond hatcheries, and the fingerlings have reached an 80% survival rate in field tests.

More importantly, NCKU has signed a technology transfer license agreement with Taipei-based Merit Ocean Biotech Inc. in 2010 to jointly develop new grouper fingerling rearing technologies, promote disease resistant fingerlings and find international partners.

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