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[Cross-Strait Cooperation][Energy] Taiwan's Green Energy Delegation Visits Gansu Province

Posted by techman 
[Cross-Strait Cooperation][Energy] Taiwan's Green Energy Delegation Visits Gansu Province (Chinese Version)

China Times E-paper (2011/08/16) During the past few years the cross-strait cooperation on new energy development has kept being intensified. On August 15, a delegation consisting of the officials and researchers from Taiwan's Institute for Information Industry (III) and Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) visited Gansu Province, China, to observe the development of solar power and wind power industries and to look for more cooperation opportunities.

According to China News, seven sci-tech researchers from III and ITRI of Taiwan exchanged experience and discussed sci-tech cooperation possibilities with officials from the government of Gansu Province, covering the issues of new energy, new generation information technology, new materials, industrial transformation and strategic emerging industries.

In the meeting, both sides reached the conclusion to further cooperate on the development of the equipment generating new energy and the maintenance technology for the construction of energy engineering. Besides, both parties also decided to cooperate on the exploration of the resources of Chinese herbal medicine.

III indicated, wind power development in each side has its peculiar features. For instance, Taiwan is strong in manufacturing components, and because Taiwan is an island, coastal wind power is the focus in Taiwan. On the other side, Gansu is competitive in assembly, and the main focus of wind power development is inland wind power. III concluded, the cooperation of the both sides is thus very promising especially with regard to the wind power technology.

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