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[Energy Issue] Taiwan Plans to Set Energy Standard for High Energy Consuming Industries

Posted by techman 
[Energy Issue] Taiwan Plans to Set Energy Standard for High Energy Consuming Industries (Chinese Version)

PTS & The Liberty Times (2011/08/15) Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs, plans to set the first-stage energy-use standard for the local high energy consuming industries including cement industry, papermaking industry, iron and steel industry and petrochemical industry. The measures for cement industry will become effective soonest by the end of the year. The company which does not meet the standard will be finable according to the Energy Management Act. According to the relevant officials' estimation, about 30% of the companies in the industry will be involved.

According to the initial plan, Bureau of Energy will take the measures of the energy-use efficiency of the manufacturing equipment and the energy consumption per product-unit for evaluating the energy use in the industry. In the future, standards that regulate the major energy-consuming equipment such as boilers, heaters, motors, etc., and the energy consumption standards for the product-unit will be determined later.

The officials explains, the policy expects to encourage energy conservation and carbon reduction by guiding the industries to renew the manufacturing equipment and procedures via the promotion of energy-use standard. As for the methods to calculate the energy consumption, the officials take the cement industry for example, the volume of carbon dioxide emissions, the temperature of the emissions and its oxygen content coming from the cement kiln can all be taken as the measuring indices for the energy efficiency. Another measurement is to count the total energy consumption in producing a ton of cement.

According to the Bureau of Energy, the policy will cover other high energy consuming industries that use boilers and heaters. The bureau said, several symposiac meetings have been hosted with industrial and academic representatives. According to the bureau, most of the industrial representatives agree that the policy can benefit the industrial sustainability, but they suggest the government to map out the buffer period, too.

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