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[International Participation][Mechanism] NTU Department of Mechanical Engineering Obtained the Right to Host the World Congress of IFToMM

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[International Participation][Mechanism] NTU Department of Mechanical Engineering Obtained the Right to Host the World Congress of IFToMM (Chinese Version)

NTU Spotlight (2011/08/06) National Taiwan University announced that it has acquired the right to host the 2015 World Congress of IFToMM (International Federation for the Promotion of Mechanism and Machine Science). This marks the first time that Taiwan obtained the hosting right for the global federation. Forty eight member nations, scholars and experts from home and abroad are expected to attend the World Congress, presenting their papers and exchanging their views, and bringing Taiwan onto the world stage with a new outlook in mechanical engineering.

NTU President Si-Chen LEE said, the 13th World Congress of IFToMM was held from June 19th to June 24th in Guanajuato City of Mexico. At the Congress, delegates from all member nations voted to decide the venue for the upcoming 14th World Congress. Germany, Japan and Taiwan vied to have the hosting right. When the preliminary round of ballots were cast, Germany and Taiwan were tied with 15 votes each. It wasn’t until the second round of vote casting that Taiwan won by a thin margin and acquired the right to host the 14th World Congress of IFToMM in 2015.

IFToMM has a considerable history. Founded in 1969, the original purpose of the Federation was to promote cooperation between nations of the East and nations of the West. The purpose of IFToMM today, however, is to facilitate and enhance the cooperation and applications among international mechanisms and machine sciences. Currently IFToMM has 48 member nations, Taiwan is one of them.

In addition, the structure of IFToMM contains an Executive Council and 18 Permanent Commission and Technical Committees, whose functions are to maintain the normal operations of the federation and to handle the preparation and publicity of all kinds of meetings.

President Si-chen LEE further points out that, for Taiwan’s mechanical engineering field, the year 2011 has been marked by glories. For the first time, National Cheng Kung University’s Mechanical Engineering Professor Hong-Sen YAN was conferred the title of Honorary Member by IFToMM, and Professor Shuo-Hung CHANG of NTU’s Department of Mechanical Engineering was elected to become a member of the Executive Council of IFToMM. Both are hard-earned glories. We have reasons to expect that when we host the World Congress of IFToMM in 2015, Taiwan’s full strength in mechanical engineering will come into play, bringing more glories to our nation.

Taiwan joined IFToMM as a member nation in 1983, and founded the Chinese Society of Mechanism and Machine Theory in 1997. Professor Zhang-Hua FONG of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of National Chung Cheng University is now the President of this Society. The Society actively participates in IFToMM activities, hoping that international scholars involved with the research of mechanism and machine science will respect Taiwan’s achievements in the research and development of machine science.

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