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[Energy][International Cooperation] Top Institutes from Taiwan and the U.S. Sign Cooperation MOU on Energy Technology

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[Energy][International Cooperation] Top Institutes from Taiwan and the U.S. Sign Cooperation MOU on Energy Technology (Chinese Version)

BCC, RTI, CNA & CNA – Focus Taiwan (2011/08/05) To advance the development of energy technology and to promote the green energy industry in Taiwan, Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) signed a cooperation MOU with the U.S.'s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in Taipei on August 5, according to which both parties will together develop new technologies in five fields including solar photovoltaic energy, large-scale grid energy storage technology, green building, carbon capture and storage technology and water-related technology.

The MOU between both institutes was signed in the event of an international energy symposium held on August 5, to which Premier Den-yih WU and the Minister of Economic Affairs Yen-Shiang SHIH had made their attendance witnessing the signing. Premier WU stressed in his opening address that the petroleum is limited and what we will have to rely on in the future is renewable energy like solar photovoltaic power or wind power; however, a lot of further technological development is still needed now. Minister SHIH also said, although most renewable energy comes from intermittent and unstable sources, Taiwan is trying to find solutions and methods for steadier renewable power supply especially in the post-311 Japan earthquake period when a public worry about nuclear energy keeps growing.

Minister SHIH continued, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory is one of the globally top energy labs, which has over 4000 employers including more than ten nobel laureates. The present U.S.'s Secretary of Energy Dr. Steven CHU came from the lab. SHIH said, the cooperation between ITRI and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory must greatly benefits Taiwan with regard to solving the energy issues.

Berkeley Lab Director Paul ALIVISATOS said in the press conference after the symposium that the carbon capture technology and the power storage technology will be the most important issues in new energy development in the next three decades.

The MOU between ITRI and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory on five technological cooperations in a five-year-term cooperation period will allow both parties to share common intellectual properties, ownership of inventions and output value of the developed technology.

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