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[Mobile Internet] ITRI Succeeds in PID Development and Transfer

Posted by gustav 
[Mobile Internet] ITRI Succeeds in PID Development and Transfer (Chinese Version)

Commercial Times, NowNews & udn.com (2009/09/04) ITRI presentes its new achievment on 3rd-September – a personal internet device, PID, which is the globally first device embedded with WiMAX chip and Android platform together. Its transmission speed is five times higher than 3G, and its video streaming quality is two to three times finer than DVD. With the new device, the user has to spend only two seconds downloading a 2MB music piece and less than twenty minutes on an 1G video piece.

Google's Android mobile platform is making waves of Android smart phones all over the world. Meanwhile, WiMAX, which allows for large-scale mobile broadband networking, is becoming an important target of infrastructure construction in many countries. According to Chair of SoC Technology Center, ITRI, Chengwen WU, the center has spent five years on PAC Duo multi-media chip. Since last year when Google made public the Android source code, ITRI has spent effort on intergration of WiMAX chip and Android internet platform, gradually arriving at the accomplishment of PID. The possible applications in the future include realtime disaster information reception, mobile SNG, multi-media entertainment, LBS, internet video call etc.

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