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[Environment] Disposable Cups Reduction Campaign Decreases 1.8 Hundred Thousand Uses per Day

Posted by techman 
[Environment] Disposable Cups Reduction Campaign Decreases 1.8 Hundred Thousand Uses per Day (Chinese Version)

Lihpao (2011/06/15) The annual use amount of disposable cups in Taiwan has reached 1.5 billion, that is, 4,100,000 disposable cups are wasted everyday. These discarded cups become a source of serious pollution. In order to control the over-use at root, the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) requires the beverage stores to provide with incentives for encouraging the customers to bring accompanied cups along or to conduct voluntary recycling. Since May 1, EPA began the disposable cups reduction campaign, and on June 15, the initial report was released: about 4.4% of the population carried cups with themselves, and about 1.8 hundred thousand uses of the disposable cups was decreased per day.

Since May 1, 212 brands and 16070 stores have participated in the campaign. Most of the stores offer cash reduction as the incentive, while some of the stores offer extra free amount or hold points collection. According to EPA's survey by June 12, among the 8808 stores surveyed, 750 (about 8.5%) do not meet the required standard, the number of which is progressed in comparison to the failure rate 10% at the beginning of the campaign. EPA also issues warning orders to the failed stores, warning them that those do not comply in time will face a fine of up to NT$300,000.

The reduction amount has reached 1.8 hundred thousand per day; if 30% of the customers can respond to the campaign carrying with their cups along, 450 million disposable cups will be saved per year, which means 110 thousand trees will be saved, says EPA.

EPA is now planning standard for reusable beverage containers. By now, two public hearings have been held so that the public opinions including the beverage stores' were surely taken into consideration. In the near future, a standard to make sure the safety and quality of the accompanied cups will be available so that the qualified cups will be labeled with EPA's mark.

Lihpao 2011/06/15 (Chinese)

National Science Council International Cooperation Sci-Tech Newsbrief

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