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[Homeland Security] First Official Announcement of Taiwan High Speed Rail's Subsidence Problem

Posted by techman 
[Homeland Security] First Official Announcement of Taiwan High Speed Rail's Subsidence Problem (Chinese Version)

Now News, TTV & The Liberty Times (2011/06/15) Taiwan High Speed Rail(THSR)'s Yunlin-Changhua section keeps sinking at the rate of seven to eight centimeters per year. If we do not fix the cause of the subsidence including groundwater over-extraction and over-weight buildings as soon as possible, the lifespan of Taiwan High Speed Rail may not be longer than ten years, said Dr. Hong-yuan LEE, the Minister without Portfolio, Public Construction Commission, Executive Yuan.

It is reported that although the land subsidence in the costal area of Taixi, Yunlin, has slowed down, the subsidence in the plain areas including Huwei and Baozhong, Yulin, grow rapider however. In response to the land sinking problem, Taiwan High Speed Rail told the public that the reinforcement construction has been finished in April so that the rail construction has been kept within the secure level; besides, another reinforcement construction will be done in August.

There are various causes of the land sinking, including groundwater extraction for farming and industrial purposes and the overweight building. Although the reinforcement construction has reduced the pier angle variation rate from 1.19/1500 to 0.66/1500, under the secure rate 1/1500, the subsidence problem worries the people and the lawmakers of both the ruling party and the opposition.

Water Resources Agency responded that because the surface water is insufficient in this area now, the water company will not stop extracting deep groundwater until the completion of Hushan Reservoir in 2014. Department of Irrigation and Engineering, Council of Agriculture, also responded that the deep wells for irrigation will all be sealed in three years, and this policy won't cause the irrigation shortage in this area.

To the suggestion of building weight control along the rail by Public Construction Commission, which may influence four major development plans in Changhua and Yunlin area, namely, South Changhua Industrial Park, Huwei Site of Central Taiwan Science Park, THSR Station Special Area in Changhua and Yunlin, Changha County responded that if the central government plans to give restriction, the central government better give legal ones rather than mere administrative decrees, or otherwise the land-owners' rights and interests will be conveniently ignored.

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