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[Resources] Abundant Reserve of Flammable Ice Explored in Waters off Southwestern Taiwan: CGS

Posted by techman 
[Resources] Abundant Reserve of Flammable Ice Explored in Waters off Southwestern Taiwan: CGS (Chinese Version)

BCC (2011/06/13) Another large reserve of flammable ice was explored in the southern sea area off Siaoliouciou in waters off southwestern Taiwan, said Central Geological Survey (CGS), MoEA. Eleven conical mud-volcanoes were found on the seabed in the southern waters off Siaoliouciou island. Some of the mud-volcanoes were observed to erupt methane gas column of about 270 meters high. CGS estimated that the eruption volumes of these volcanoes were much larger than most of the onshore mud-volcanoes found in Kaohsiung and Pingtung. CGS will continue to evaluate the exploitation potentiality of the volcanoes as useful flammable ice mine.

The sea areas off the southwestern Taiwan coast have abundant reserve of flammable ice, namely, natural gas hydrate, which can release methane at normal temperature and pressure.

CGS began to investigate the submarine resources around Taiwan since 1994. The submarine volcanoes in Siaoliouciou waters kept being ignored for the low resolution of the deep sea data collected in the area until the latest resurvey with more accurate equipment. Among the eleven volcanoes, seven were observed to possess the diameters over two kilometers, about the same size of the cone body of Datun Mountain. These cones were about 150 to 350 meters high above the seabed. With sonar investigation, these volcanoes were observed to erupt gas columns about 270 meters high above the seabed.

CGS planned to send underwater unmanned vehicles (ROV) in this area to conduct close observation. The observations, sampling and testing will contribute the information for further evaluation of the exploitation potentiality and help with determination whether the geographical condition could become flammable ice mines.

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