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[Marine Technology] “Ocean Researcher V” to Enhance the Level of Taiwan's Ocean Research

Posted by techman 
[Marine Technology] “Ocean Researcher V” to Enhance the Level of Taiwan's Ocean Research (Chinese Version)

CNA, PTS & udn.com (2011/06/10) Taiwan launched a 2,700-ton marine research vessel, Ocean Researcher V, in southern Taiwan's Sinda Port at Kaohsiung on June 10 that officials believe will improve the country's marine research and exploration ability and benefit Taiwan's marine energy development.

National Applied Research Laboratories commissioned Jong Shyn Shipbuilding Co. to build Ocean Researcher V in 2008. The 72.6 meter ship can carry remotely operated underwater robots that can collect data on an ocean bed as deep as 5,000-6,000 meters below sea level. In addition, its strong resistance to wave action (against up to force eight wind) will allow it to gather information at sea even during winter, therefore extending its operating time. With the ship, Taiwan's ocean research and investigation dynamics will be greatly enhanced, whereas the marine energy development will be benefited as well. The data collected will also be used for the construction of a national ocean database, whose information will be taken as the basis for the nation's ocean policy making.

Taiwan Ocean Research Institute points out, marine research vessel is the most basic and important equipment as well as vehicle for the development of ocean science and technology. The vessel is needed in the operations of on-site data collection, sampling, equipment laying and retrieve, etc. The institute believes that the nation's ocean research must be greatly benefited after the construction of Ocean Researcher V is finished.

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