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[Information] The Number of Internet Users in Taiwan Increases 730,000 This Year, Renewing the Record

Posted by techman 
[Information] The Number of Internet Users in Taiwan Increases 730,000 This Year, Renewing the Record (Chinese Version)

Commercial Times (2011/05/25) Taiwan Network Information Center (TWNIC) released a report on May 24 indicating that the internet users in Taiwan had reached 16,950,000 – 730,000 more than the number of last year's record. This had renewed the highest annual increase record.

TWNIC pointed out, it had been observed that the number of the internet users kept increasing and there appeared more and more innovative and creative internet services. According to the survey, more than 61.23% of the respondents reported to have experienced online shopping, and the group whose average amount of single purchase online was between NT$2,001 and 5,000, took the largest part. This indicated that the online economic activities were quite vigorous.

It was reported that about 16,220,000 people in Taiwan used internet in 2010, and the number reached 16,950,000 by the beginning of March, 2011. 70.58% of the people above 12 years old in Taiwan reported to have experienced broadband networks, 35.88% have experienced wireless networks, and 18.82% have experienced mobile networks.

Taipei City was reported to be the area with the highest internet density and Kaohsiung City the next. The main network connection the broadband internet users above 12 years old in Taiwan reported to take was ADSL, and the next was FTTH (Fiber To The Home). The main network connection the mobile internet users reported to take was 3.5G, and the next was 3G.

Besides, 47.08% of the broadband network users reported to be careless about the internet security issue; they reported not to stop using internet because of the security risk. Among the wireless network users, 35.13% used free network, and the next was using the network whose monthly charge was between NT$751 and NT$1,000 (13.67%).

Among the mobile network users, the monthly charge between NT$751 and NT$1,000 took the largest part (21.13%), and the next was between NT$1 and NT$250 (16.36%). Besides, 59.05% of the mobile network users reported that they would not reduce the hours using broadband network, but simply added up the extra hours using mobile network.

On the other side, the households using internet had taken 79.77% among all the domestic households; about 5,690,000 families (73%) used broadband network. Personal Desktop Computer was still the main option to connect internet (89.72%). The main household network connection was ADSL (62.5%).

Commercial Times 2011/05/25 (Chinese)

National Science Council International Cooperation Sci-Tech Newsbrief

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