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[Innovation] Smart Living Interactive Innovation Presentation be Held in NCKU, in Cooperation with NTU and NCTU

Posted by anglais 
[Innovation] Smart Living Interactive Innovation Presentation be Held in NCKU, in Cooperation with NTU and NCTU (Chinese Version)

NCKU News (2011/04/27) "Dreams and Happiness - Smart Living Interactive Innovation Achievements Presentation", which is organized by NCKU and includes a series of activities, will take place on April 29th and 30th in NCKU Tzu-Chiang Campus, at Chi-Mei Building and the Building for Department of Electronic Engineering. The three NSC-supported centers - NCKU TOUCH Center, NTU INSIGHT Center and NCTU Eco-City - will unite for the first time in NCKU to demonstrate their Smart Living House projects, innovative technology service, and industry-academy cooperation results. The presentation is estimated to provide southern Taiwan with new vision of smart living technological application.

"Dreams and Happiness - Smart Living Interactive Innovation Achievements Presentation" will last two days. In addition to demonstrating technological achievements of NTU INSIGHT Center, NCTU Eco-City and NCKY TOUCH Center, the three centers will also sign "Cooperative Memorandum of Smart City Tainan" with Tainan City Government, teaming up to build a smart living interactive innovative city. Besides, there will be four other interactive activities - "The Flapping Wings (振翅之翼)", "The Heart of the Tin Man (錫鐵人之心)", "New Experience of Dreams (夢想新體驗)" and "Da-chi City (達奇心城市)" (temp. trans.) to be anticipated.

NTU INSIGHT Center's research "Study of Living Experience of the Elder in Shuang-lian" focuses on aging people. In cooperation with Taipei Shuang-lian Senior Care Center, care center as living lab, NTU INSIGHT Center provides new technology for the residents in the care center to try on. From such experiments, NTU INSIGHT Center can realize, define, improve and confirm the potency of the technology, or even re-design a new prototype.

NCTU Eco-City will share "industry-academy cooperation examples" and "research results" in the presentation, including cases such as "Project of Smart Living Community Planning", "LED Communicative Aids for ALS Patients" and "Eco-City Workshop".

"Project of Smart Living Community Planning" is the cooperation among government, industry and academy. The project applies industries' dynamics in the public service system of community. It can provide residents with all-round technology service, and is anticipated to become the first smart living community of the world.

"LED Communicative Aids for ALS Patients" is a project cooperated with TMNDA (Taiwan Motor Neuron Disease Association). Through humane analysis and technology, the innovation solves the most urgent problem in ALS patients' lives - speaking. By the help of technology, ALS patients can finally regain their dignity - communicating with others.

Eco-City Workshop, Co. LTD (http://www.ecocity.com.tw) is officially established by NCTU on August 17, 2010. It collects varies of mini- innovations both from industry and from academy. These innovations will be fostered and supported by Eco-City, and later will benefit the society as industries. Eco-City aims at establishing the first sustainable-managed, official-industrial-academic smart platform of Taiwan.

NCKU TOUCH Center will share their industry-academy cooperation case - "Fun Bento" Diet Management Service. The service, which is developed by TOUCH Center and mobile manufacturers, will soon be available in the market! Combining medical science, cognitive science, and designing, "Fun Bento" applies the research results to cloud computing service, and makes the service to go public.

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