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[Disaster Management] COA Research Ship to Investigate Radiation Levels near Japan

Posted by techman 
[Disaster Management] COA Research Ship to Investigate Radiation Levels near Japan (Chinese Version)

BCC (2011/04/22) & The China Post (2011/04/23) A research ship from the Fisheries Agency will embark on a trip to seas near Japan early next month to gather and examine samples for possible radiation contamination.

Officials at the agency under the Council of Agriculture (COA) said yesterday that the mission is aimed at safeguarding the safety of both fishermen from Taiwan and their fish catch as well as providing better protection for consumers.

Officials and consumers are concerned about the radiation level in fishery products near Japan after Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant was destroyed by a magnitude 9.0 earthquake and deadly tsunami on March 11.

The ship — Fishery Researcher 1 — will focus on the gathering of Pacific saury (also called mackerel pike or sanma in Japanese) samples on the journey of more than 2,000 nautical miles.

The government has no plan to ban Taiwan fishing boats from operating in the saury fishing ground since the Japanese government insisted waters off Japan's northeastern coast were only contaminated with low levels of radiation and, thus, not harmful to humans.

But in order to allay concerns over the safety of fishermen and consumers, the COA decided to carry out onsite inspection and study in early May for the oncoming peak saury season from May to November after the crippled nuclear power plant started discharging radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean.

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