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[Sci-tech Policy][Energy] Premier LIU: Taiwan Cannot Say “No” to Nuclear Power

Posted by gustav 
[Sci-tech][Energy] Premier LIU: Taiwan Cannot Say “No” to Nuclear Power (Chinese Version)

Economic Daily (2009/08/07) Premier Chao-shiuan LIU in an interview of Dow Jones Newswires on 6th-Aug., 2009, expressed that Taiwan had determined to advance nuclear power as part of the low-carbon energy policy. He said, although the former government stuck to the “Nuclear-Free Home” policy, nuclear power is more advantageous regarding the cost and the efficiency. “We really cannot say 'No' to nuclear power!” he said, and the government will go on the nuclear power development after Nuclear-4 Power Plant is constructed.

In April this (2009) year, National Energy Conference came to the conclusion that nuclear was one option for Taiwan to cross over in the stage of Low-Carbon Home. In the interview, Premier LIU said, due to the geographical limits, Taiwan is not suitable for large scale renewable energy industry. But Taiwan could become the major provider of solar power and wind power equipment in the world. Besides, the construction of Nuclear-4 Power Plant would finish by the end of 2010, and the government would replace and increase more generator sets in the present three nuclear power plants. As for the green energy policy, the government was focused on the technique to generate power from the nuclear waste. LIU said, “if we could succeed developing this method in these years, this would be a significant breakthrough regarding nuclear waste management.”

LIU admitted as well that nuclear power policy must face the opposition from environmental as well as the anti-nuclear parties. He emphasized the government had to take serious concern with the nuclear power issue. But, said Premier LIU, people were getting stronger consciousness of global warming and moderating their anti-nuclear emotions. People also became suspicious of carbon-dioxide emission. LIU believed, this trend would help ease up the opposite parties.

udn.com-Finance / Economic Daily 2009/08/07 (Chinese)

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