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[Digitalized Archives] Digital Archives Project Unveils Website Featuring the Diaries of Tan Yankai, First Chairman of the Nanjing National Government

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[Digitalized Archives] Digital Archives Project Unveils Website Featuring the Diaries of Tan Yankai, First Chairman of the Nanjing National Government (Chinese Version)

Academia Sinica Newsletter (2011/03/01) The Digital Archives project will unveil a website, on March 3, featuring the diaries of Yankai TAN, the first chairman of the Nanjing National Government. The 2.5 million-word diaries, from the collections of the Scripta Sinica Database of Academia Sinica, constitute a precious historical record of a political figure who defined the early days of the Republic of China. A ceremony to unveil the website will be held in the Institute of Modern History at Academia Sinica at 10 am on March 3, 2011.

Yankai TAN (1880-1930) was named a genius by the Qing emperor's tutor at the age of 11 and was the highest scoring candidate of the highest imperial examination in the final days of the Qing Dynasty. In the early days of the R.O.C. he became a politician of the revolutionary faction and was renowned for his diplomacy. The diaries of TAN, who in addition being a politician, was a well-known calligrapher and gourmet, span a 35-year period between 1895 to 1930 and document the daily life of the people of the time, as well as TAN's personal reflections.

The website, named "Writing from Tan's heart—the website of Yankai's diaries", was created by the Digital Content and Technology Center team from the Research Center for Information Technology Innovation led by Academician Yung-Fa CHEN, Distinguished Research Fellow of the Institute of Modern History. To engage younger learners, Academician CHEN and his team integrated precious historical content and cutting-edge information technology, and spent many hours digitalizing TAN's handwriting to make the website. The website uses situations found in contemporary daily lives to draw users back to TAN's time and experience how the Chinese intelligentsia lived through the turbulent times of the end of the Qing Dynasty and the early days of Republic of China.

Other digital archives compiled by Academia Sinica include a large collection of Taiwan's fish, shells and plants; aboriginal artifacts of Taiwan; historical maps and remote sensing images of Modern China; diplomatic and economic records; Chinese historical artifacts (Chinese and Taiwanese archeological materials, engraved stones, stone and bronze rubbings, bamboo scripts, rare books, ethnological findings in southwest China, and the lexicon of Ming-Qing Archives); and Mandarin and Formosa language archives.

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sophy@gate.sinica.edu.tw (Tel) 886-2-2787-2370
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Further Information:
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