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[Ecology] At Least Two New Copepod Species Found in Yeliu Cape

Posted by techman 
[Ecology] At Least Two New Copepod Species Found in Yeliu Cape (Chinese Version)

Udn.com (2011/02/23) An NTU research team led by Professor Chang Feng DAI, Institute of Oceanography, discovers two new species of copepods in Yeliu Cape, Wanli District, New Taipei. One of the new species is named “Orstomella yaliuensis” after the location of discovery. Although it is only one centimeter in size, it has high academic value to the field of oceanography.

Since 2008 the research team of Professor DAI has been appointed by Yehliu GeoPark to conduct a two-year-term ecological survey around the cape. The nearshore dive survey around the cape, 30 meters deep in the water, has taken down 160 kinds of stony corals, 30 kinds of Octocorals, more than 160 kinds of invertebrates, more than 30 kinds of marine alga and more than 200 kinds of fish.

Professor DAI pointed out, the sticking-out cape is located among three large marine ecological systems, namely, East Ocean, South Ocean and Black Current (Japan Current), so both tropical species and temperate species can be found in this area. Such a geological condition allows for the rich biodiversity in Yeliu. The two new species discovered by the research team, Xarifia insolita and Orstomella yaliuensis, were published in international journals respectively in 2007 and 2008. Professor DAI said, both new species inhabit in coral coral intestines. They were both first noticed in the lab in the microscope. We have little understanding of such copepod animals by now, so the discovery of these two living new species in Yeliu is highly precious.

Udn.com 2011/02/23 (Chinese)

National Science Council International Cooperation Sci-Tech Newsbrief

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