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[Academics] NCKU Medical College’s Small Laboratory Animal Division Launched

Posted by techman 
[Academics] NCKU Medical College’s Small Laboratory Animal Division Launched (Chinese Version)

NCKU News (2011/02/24) The Small Laboratory Animal Division essential to improve the breeding environment and elevate the experiment accuracy was launched at the Medical College of National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), Tainan, Taiwan, on Thursday.

The lab provides triple protections to maintain sterile state, improve animal husbandry and increase data’s accuracy. These protections include the widely-regarded ultimate filter HEPA filter in air-conditioner, air outlet and individually ventilated cage.

Among the newly added facilities, the individually ventilated cage prevents infection, increases breeding capacity, improves microenvironment with lower ammonia and carbon dioxide concentrations, reduces human labor of cleaning and sterilizing, prevents animals from escaping and cuts down the cost of replacing breeding box.

The Small Laboratory Animal Division will provide sufficient space and equipments to support short-term biotechnological and medical research in the next five to ten years for various purposes such as lower infection rate, higher experiment reliability and greater biomedical research achievements.

NCKU News 2011/02/24

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