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[Bio-Tech Industry] Adimmune Corporation about to Build the Largest Biological Agents Filling Plant in Asia

Posted by techman 
[Bio-Tech Industry] Adimmune Corporation about to Build the Largest Biological Agents Filling Plant in Asia (Chinese Version)

Udn.com (2011/01/10) & China Times E-paper (2011/01/24) The only manufacturer that is capable of developing vaccine in Taiwan, namely, Adimmune Corporation, announced on January 10 that the company plans to invest 1.5 billion NT dollars to construct the largest, international filling plant in Asia. The plant will have ten times production capacity than the present facility and is estimated to begin the operation in 2012 July. Its annual production may reach the filling amount of 30 million. Besides, the company also announced that the development of enterovirus vaccine EV71 has been through the bottleneck and enter the stage of technological maturity, when there is no enterovirus vaccine known in the world. EV71 is planned to enter the market in 2015.

On January 10, Adimmune Corporation held a celebration party; Premier Den-yih WU, President of Legislative Yuan Jinping WANG, Chairman of the Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry Wei Chao CHEN, etc., attended the event. President of the company Chi-Shean CHAN addressed in the celebration ceremony: after Adimmune Corporation received the only recognition of the EU vaccine GMP in Asia, the company received the 2010 National Biomedical Award – Gold Medal in Prescription Medicine for its split influenza virus vaccine, A/H1N1; these recognitions indicate the company's international professional competence and quality of product.

In the future, the company plans to invest in 1.5 billion NT dollars on the construction of a large filling plant. According to the company's plan, the plant will begin the test production in 2012 July and the mass production in 2013. CHAN said, the development of EV71 also gets across the bottleneck. With the present production technology, the microcarrier cell culture process can already reach 50-Litre pilot scale; when the 200L process and 1000L process are well developed later, the plant will begin the mass production. The company plans to become the first vaccine provider in the world entering the enterovirus vaccine market in 2015.

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Further Information:
Udn.com 2011/01/10 (Chinese)
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