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[Academics] Academia Sinica Plans to Set New Division of Engineering Science

Posted by techman 
[Academics] Academia Sinica Plans to Set New Division of Engineering Science (Chinese Version)

The Liberty Times (2011/01/25) Academia Sinica's Academicians in Taiwan held the quarterly convocation on January 24, deciding to promote recruiting excellent students from China. For the case of recruitment of Chinese students, Academia Sinica will refer the promotion determination to its interior unit, Taiwan International Graduate Program (TIGP), for further assessment before delivering the official document to the Ministry of Education. Besides, the Academicians decided to divide a new group, namely, the Division of Engineering Science, among the present divisions of the Academicians, too.

Because of the high sensitivity of the recruitment case as well as for the not-yet-ready budget plan, the convocation decided to refer the case for further investigation to its international program division (TIGP).

On the other side, more than twenty Academicians approved of establishing the Division of Engineering Science. Ex-President of Academia Sinica Yuan T. LEE said, if the number of the Academicians of Engineering Science grows from two (present) to fifty in the following decade, the sci-tech development in Taiwan must be greatly benefited. Academician as well as President of National Health Research Institutes Kenneth K. WU said, the Academicians should not be distinguished from local ones and foreign ones; he said, it is more important if the selected Academicians could come back to and serve in Taiwan.

The Liberty Times 2011/01/25 (Chinese)

National Science Council International Cooperation Sci-Tech Newsbrief

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