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[Environment] Taiwan Scholar Publishes about Taiwan Trout, Urging the Public on Ecology Conservation

Posted by techman 
[Environment] Taiwan Scholar Publishes about Taiwan Trout, Urging the Public on Ecology Conservation (Chinese Version)

CNA & RTI (2011/01/23) Professor Ching-ming WANG has spent on Taiwan trout research and ecological restoration in Taiwan for twenty-five years since he completed his study in the US and came back to Taiwan. Recently he has published a monograph collecting the findings of his during these years together with Shei-pa National Park Headquarters, entitled iFISHBOOK – Book of National Treasure Fish (Chinese, title trans. temp.). WANG said, the reason to conserve Oncorhynchus masou formosanum, namely, Taiwan Trout, is not only for the sake of the species rarity but also for the its environmental indicativeness. The extinction of the species indicates serious ecological imbalance.
Oncorhynchus masou formosanum was first observed in 1917. It is a kind of landlocked freshwater fish, a subspecies of Oncorhynchus masou. The migration of Oncorhynchus masou originally could only be observed in frigid zone; because of plate movement and climate change, Oncorhynchus masou formosanum became a landlocked glacial relic species in Taiwan. Owing to such a rarity and speciality, the species is included in the list of the rare and valuable animals by Taiwan government and is widely called national treasure fish.

Professr Ching-ming WANG told the press during a press interview that the survival condition of Taiwan Trout is very special. Factors including altitude, water temperature, etc. can effect the survival of the species. Owing to the climate change, together with the human development in the mountainous areas and hunting activities, now Taiwan Trout can only be found in Cijiawan River and Hsueshan River in Wuling area. WANG said, with the rarity, the species became a famous star species, but the significance and value of the species is more than that. The species can also be taken as environmental index. It is not only a local proof for global warning bit also a projection sensitive to the high altitude river environment in Taiwan. The extinction of the species will be a mark of the serious environmental and ecological disorder.

Under the support of Ministry of the Interior, Shei-pa Naitonal Park Headquarters, Forestry Bureau of the Council of Agriculture, etc., Professr Ching-ming WANG has improved the present habitat of Taiwan Trout and tried to build several corridors for the species to spread and come back to its other origins. On the other side, he also help the local farms to transform their operations and to turn to afforest in the habitat areas. Now, the published monograph aims at improving the public understanding of the rare species.

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