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[Environment] Taipei 101 Will Become the Highest Green Building in the World

Posted by techman 
[Environment] Taipei 101 Will Become the Highest Green Building in the World (Chinese Version)

CNA (2011/01/14) Taipei 101 recently submitted a certification application to the globally recognized green building ranking system, LEED, of the US Green Building Council, and at the latest the topmost honor of green buildings, namely, the Platinum LEED certificate will be granted to Taipei 101 in Q3, making the building the globally highest energy-conservation green building in the 100th year of the nation.

The Carbon Reduction Technology Services Group (trans. temp.) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs spent effort integrating resources of the relevant institutions to support the carbon reduction development in the industries. According to the Bureau of Energy of the ministry, 3141 cases of the group's spot counseling have been conducted in 2010, which have created 3.93 million tons of carbon reduction and 1.8 billion NT dollars of carbon economic value.

Taipei 101 pointed out, the annual electric expense of the building can reach one hundred twenty million NT dollars, and hence the manage group of the building began to find measures for energy-saving and carbon reduction between 2008 and 2009. Although the design and construction of the building had already included many energy-saving conceptions, owing to the factors such as height, large volume and complicated variety of stationed equipment and industries, the intra-coordination for carbon reduction and energy-conservation was a difficult task. Nonetheless, with ten measures including selected real-time electricity pricing program, illumination reduction, scheduled lighting management in the mall areas, adoption of T-5 lighting equipment, etc., the building has succeeded in energy saving and carbon reduction with a energy-saving rate of 9.6 %.

The highest level of LEED certification, Platinum LEED, is the topmost honor of the green buildings. The top ten buildings of Platinum LEED includes the Bank of America Tower in New York. After Taipei 101 lost its title of the highest building in the world, it will hopefully gain another highest title, the highest green building in the world.

CNA 2011/01/14 (Chinese)

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