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[Anti-Influ] NTU Invents New Anti-Influ Spray Knocking Down Virus's Contagiosity

Posted by gustav 
[Anti-Influ] NTU Invents New Anti-Influ Spray Knocking Down Virus's Contagiosity (Chinese Version)

China Times E-paper & The Liberty Times E-paper (2009/07/22) An NTU research team discovers a new anti-influenza compound “NTU-VirusBom,” with light concentration of which various kinds of influ virus are rapidly collapsed and lose contagiousness. The relevant technology has been transferred to biomedical companies. Within about one month mass production is possible. This will be applied to instant hand wash spray, hand cleanser or mask etc.

NTU Nano-BioMEMS Group, teamed up with NTU Professor Chih-Kung LEE, Professor Shiming LIN and Tamkang University Professor Adam Shih-Yuan LEE, discovers a hydrocarbon compound “NTU-VirusBom” among the petrochemical materials that has been proved to be able to knock down in vitro virus without harming human body. The team already invented “NTU-AntiSARS No. 1” compound in 2003, succeeding in taking off the “crown” of SARS virus. Shiming LIN points out, there is a mantle that contains lipoprotein and glycoprotein, covering up the virus surface. NTU-VirusBom destroys the mantle tissue and dispels virus's contagious power. The compound is proved to be effective against H5N1, staphylococcus aureus, enterovirus Type 71, and H1N1 whose resistance against tamiflu is already observed. The compound can be applied to external spray and cleanser; it may also be applied to internal medicine.

Further Information:
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