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[人社科學] 台灣地名歷史資料庫建制完成

[人社科學] 台灣地名歷史資料庫建制完成

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[人社科學] 台灣地名歷史資料庫建制完成

中研院於2009年1月12日宣佈,台灣地名查詢資料庫建制完成,只要有民居之處,地名位置、地名譯寫以及地名形成歷史都可以在網上查詢 。



1. 臺灣地區地名查詢系統建置計畫 http://placesearch.moi.gov.tw/
2. 臺灣地區地名查詢系統成果發表暨學術研討會 http://gissrv3.sinica.edu.tw/conference08/
3. 中研院新聞2009/01/12 http://db1n.sinica.edu.tw/textdb/gatenews/showpost.php?rid=2060
4. 中時電子報 2009/01/12
5. 中央社 2009/01/12 http://www.cna.com.tw/SearchNews/KWSearch.aspx

2.林美惠,中央研究院總辦事處公關室 (Tel)886-2-2789-8821、(Fax)886-2-2782-1551、(M)0921-845-234

[Humanities and Social Science] Taiwan Place Names Database Is Online

Academia Sinica announced on 12th-Jan., 2009, the construction of Taiwan Place Names Database has been complete. The place names, their translations and formation histories can be searched for online.

The "Taiwan Geographic Names Information System Establishment" project was co-executed by the Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences and Computing Center, AS, on behalf of The Ministry of Interior. The project not only aimed at the accomplishment of the information system, but also at the strengthening of the literature, historical, academic and research values of each reagin.

The database will be unveiled on 15th-Jan., 2009, at a seminar featuring theses presentations and an achievement exhibition. The Associate Professor Yen-tsao Wei of the Department of Geography, NTNU, suggested that the database interface could imitate Wikipedia so that through collective edition more interesting information such as relevant stories, pictures etc. could be put in.

Further Information:
1. Taiwan Geographic Names Information System Establishment (English)
2. Taiwan Place Names Information System Achievement Presentation and Academic Seminar
3. 中研院新聞2009/01/12 (English)
4. 中時電子報 2009/01/12
5. 中央社 2009/01/12

Contact Information:
1. I-chun Fan, Executive Director, Center for Geographic Information Science, Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences, Academia Sinica (Tel) 886-2-2652-3184
2. Mei-Hui Lin, Public Relations Office, Central Office of Administration, Academia Sinica (Tel) +886-2-2789-8821, (Fax) +886-2-2782-1551, (M) 0921-845-234

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