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[生態保育] 原住民打熊禁忌 保護台灣黑熊

[生態保育] 原住民打熊禁忌 保護台灣黑熊

分類標籤: 科技文摘  原住民
[生態保育] 原住民打熊禁忌 保護台灣黑熊




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屏東科技大學野生動物保育所黃美秀: bear1000@ms25.hinet.net

[Wildlife Conservation] Aboriginal Taboo Protects Formosan Black Bears

        Taiwan aboriginal taboos against bear hunting are found to be successful conservation techniques for Formosan black bears!

        Formosan cloudeds and Formosan black bears used to reign over Taiwanese mountains equally, but we can find no trace of Formosan cloudeds any more in the mountains nowadays. However, Formosan black bears' reign still go on. According to the research of the Institute of Wildlife Conservation, National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, this has to do with the myths and traditional taboos of Taiwanese aborigines.

        Bunun people call black bears “Aguman” or “Duman” which mean the devil. If a hunter's traps accidentally get a bear, he has to build a cottage in the mountains and burn up the body of the bear there. He has also to stay in the cottage alone away from the village until the harvest of millet gets passed. Rukai and Paiwan people are allowed to hunt bears, but the hunters have to pay the price of carrying the ancient curse in return. Rukai people believe hunting bears can result in diseases. Also not every one is allowed to eat bear meat, especially the children are strongly forbidden. In Taroko (Truku) legends, Formosan black bears are respectful “kings of the forest” whose white mark on chest represents the moon. They also believe that killing black bears result in family disasters. In general among these hunting tribes, hunters of boars are respected as heros, while hunters of bears are concerned as losers. However, after the traffic condition separating tribes from cities gets improved and the assimilation of the Han culture gets deepened, bear-commerce, which rarely happened before, becomes more common.

Black bears and cloudeds are the kings of mountains. There exist little natural enemies. The environment depredation and hunting activities are the main causes of their survival difficulty. Traditional taboos smartly conserving the bears uncovers how the transition of humanities-socio-economic conditions has the impacts on the complex correlation between human and nature, which is worth some reflection.

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Contact Information:
Mei-hsiu Hwang, NPUST-IWC: bear1000@ms25.hinet.net

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