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[地球科學]中研院發現世界首見完整海底柱狀玄武岩群 澎湖地質史可能改寫

中研院發現世界首見完整海底柱狀玄武岩群 澎湖地質史可能改寫




Academia Sinica Finds the First Complete Submarine Basalt Columns in the World

Biodiversity Research Center, Academia Sinica Taiwan, investigating on the chilling injury situation near Penghu, unexpectedly finds the spectacular submarine basalt columns. The submarine basalt columns stretch over two hundred meters, ten meters high, on the northern seabed of Daqiao Lighthouse. This is the first well-remained submarine basalt columns in the world.

On tops of the basalt columns is described that the joints of the columns appear pentagonal or hexagonal, and rich biodiversity on tops, in the joints and in the seams is noticed. Plenty of basalt rocks avalanche at the bottom. Due to the strong current, coral reefs cannot easily get attached to the columns, and therefore the columns are remained with clear joints and appearances. Besides, due to the strong current and its remote location, not many human activities take place around, so the geomorphic state remains well. In fact, it is reported that submarine basalt columns are found too in Iceland, Hawaii and Mudou Isle (Penghu). However, the basalt columns there are covered with thick coral reefs and incomplete.

The submarine basalt columns in Daqiao Reef disclose a lot of geological data. With some further geological and ecological investigation, the geological history of Penghu may have to be rewritten.

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