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「通往涅槃的階梯:二十僧的結構分析」專題演講|2012/5/28 15:00 - 17:00 政治大學哲學基礎研究室

Stairway to Nirvāṇa: A Structural Analysis of the Twenty Saṃghas
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Prof. James B. Apple
Department of Religious Studies, University of Calgary
Prof. Apple's webpage

時間:2012年 5月 28日(一)下午3 - 5 時
地點:政治大學山上校區 百年樓二樓 宗教所會議室(330211)

Abstract 演講摘要:


The Twenty Varieties of the Saṃgha (Tib. dge ’dun nyi shu) is one of the most formative subjects in traditional Tibetan Buddhist studies. The Saṃgha is one of the Three Jewels (‘Buddha, Dharma, Saṃgha’) universally revered by all Buddhists and is comprised of the ideal community of Noble Persons who embody the Buddha’s teachings. The Twenty Saṃghas enumerates all the possible stages through which any given individual might pass, depending upon factors such as that individual’s cosmological circumstances, the acuity of his or her faculties, and the individual’s degree of meditative cultivation and cognitive insight. This presentation centers on the interpretation of the Saṃgha given by the 14th century Tibetan scholar Tsong-kha-pa blo-bzang grags-pa. The presentation provides an overview of the importance of the Twenty Saṃghas in Tibetan Buddhist culture and a structural analysis of the topic’s overall content.


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