Re: How to use Private Communication

Log in to use "Private Communication"

In order to use "Private Communication," users have to log in first. 

Press "Login/Logout" icon on the right hand side, type in your username and passwords, then you will see six icons.

Find the "Private Communication" icon, which is in shape of chat-cloud, press it, then you can use the service of private communications. 

E-mail notification

Users can switch on/off E-mail notification.  With e-mail notification on, users will receive system e-mail to inform of new private messages.  

From your notification e-mail, you can click on the message url in your e-mail and will be directed to "Private Communication" here in the platform.  Please be aware that only when you are logged-in, you can access the private message.  When you are not logged-in, as soon as you are directed to the platform, you should see the log-in page.  Please type in your username and passwords and log in. 

If you forget your passwords, you can retrieve your passwords via the "forget passwords" mechanism on the log-in page.  

Friends list and Groups list

Users can make friends on the platform.  Members within the same consortium/forum will be listed on the Friends list automatically.  If you want to make friends with some one on the other consortium/forum, you will find the "Friend" button on her/his profile page (Please see below).  You check it and then you've added her/him to your Friends list.

Users can also manage her/his Private Groups.  You can create a group for your own and add friends in the group. Then you can enjoy a private chatroom (group talks). 

You press "Create New Group," type in the group name and "Save" it.  Then, you add friends into the group, the way you search for your friends when editing a new message. 

 Edit new message

When you are in Private Communication, you will see the button "Edit new message," press it and type in your friend's display name, or directly select from your Friends list, you can begin to type in your message. 




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